Debbie Meador with her kennel "Tanasea Shibas" is one of the most famous and successful breeders in the USA. Since 1993 she has also been editor of SHIBAS USA, the worldwide single magazine for this breed. This magazine is published quarterly and subscriptions are open to all. The articles are from breeders and fanciers from North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries and provide information on all subjects concerning the Shiba. Because of the growing international orientation the magazine is going to be renamed SHIBA WORLD (see

We were asked by Debbie Meador in spring of 2006 about a possible co-operation. It is of course a great honour for us to collaborate on such a renowned platform. In the "International Issue 2006" of SHIBAS USA we are represented by a first contribution: in the permanent column "Shiba Doc" the article from our website about the hereditary disease GM1 gangliosidosis in Shibas has been printed. In the first issue of SHIBA WORLD (December 2006) we are represented by an article about glaucoma in Shibas.

In the meantime, we have written several articles for SHIBA WORLD.